Jack Wagner and Erin Krakow recently shared a sneak peek of season 10 

while they’re filming for “When Calls the Heart.” Hallmark viewers are 

trying to figure out how much of the post was serious and how much was a joke.

The Video Shows Bill & Elizabeth Lost in the Woods

In the video, Bill and Elizabeth seem to be lost in the woods.

Krakow and Wagner appear to be having a lot of fun in the video, 

and Wagner says: “Any clue why Bill and Elizabeth would be trudging

through the wilderness? You’ll have to wait for the premiere 

of season 10 of ‘When Calls the Heart.

Wagner wrote in the caption: “Whaaa? wheeer? whooo? What’s happening??

Lost not to be found?

Pascale Hutton (Rosemary) replied, “Remind me NEVER to go into